My Box Of Deen – arts and crafts box review

Which child doesn’t love arts and crafts?! I remember when my teenagers were younger we had a whole trolley full of art supplies – anyone remember Art Attack the TV programme on ITV in the 90’s?? That was my inspiration behind the art trolley! Of course,  I realised too late that cleaning up after the kids was a source of stress and anxiety and so I shut it all up and eventually the paint dried up and we threw most of it away.

When I came across the My Box Of Deen arts and crafts box I was so excited.  I had a chance to try again with my 2 youngest,  take back my power from my anxiety and do crafts with them! Right now,  My Box Of Deen is still new, there are a couple of boxes you can buy by signing up to the subscription service, but what they do have is pretty awesome.

Rather than me writing about what a great crafts box this is,  I thought I would show you.  So click on the link below to watch what my 2 little munchkins aged 2 & 4 thought of it and how were got on. Full review in the video!



If you would like to purchase your very own craft box by My Box Of Deen then follow this link!

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