Ayeina gratitude journal and productivity planner review.

I’ve had my eye on the productivity planner by Ayeina for ages. One of the first productivity planners for Muslims,  it seems to have everything you could possibly want in one. I have daily planners,  business planners,  happiness planners and even gratitude journals but I longed for a spiritual planner.  Something that would help me connect with Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He). Alhamdulillah I’ve found it all plus more in this productivity planner.

Join me in the video below as I review 3 of Ayeina’s products:

  • Barakah planner
  • Gratitude journal
  • Productivity planner


Which product do you like best? Be sure to drop me a comment below and let me know!

You can purchase your Ayeina planners here.

One thought on “Ayeina gratitude journal and productivity planner review.

  • March 13, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    Jazakillah khairan katheera for sharing ❤ barakah planner is an extension pack of the productivity journal which has 12 undated monthly planner pages (hence 12 weekly planners and 12 weekly Quran and hadith journals). If you add up all of them together, the binder may fill up and hence the compressor may not fit then (which is to put the page in place while you are writing on it). The daily planner is a dry-erase surface which means you can use it daily and then wipe it off to plan for another day. That’s why there aren’t multiple daily planner pages. It’s just one in the start so you can re-use it over and over. Hope that helps ? so grateful for your support by not only purchasing the journal, but also reviewing it in all honesty ? BaarakAllahu lak habibti.


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