Taqdeer gratitude journal review

Personal development  has become a huge thing in my life recently.  I totally love it! Working on myself and my needs to make me into a better person and Muslim ties in with Islam in my opinion. It also helps with my mental health because it boosts positivity. One aspect of personal development that has become popular recently are gratitude journals.  These journals encourage you to think,  reflect and write about what you are grateful for in your life.

Taqdeer by Taqdeer Life is a beautiful and unique gratitude journal. Islamically themed it will last you all year. The beautiful black fabric cover is simple yet elegant with the logo embossed on the cover.  You can customise it however you want or leave it plain if it suits you. I love the hard back cover and how grown up it looks.

Watch the video below as I review this beautiful gratitude journal.

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You can purchase your copy here.

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