It’s Jummah: book review

‘It’s Jummah’ is a board book by 2 Curious Hearts that teaches young Muslims from the age of 0+ about the etiquettes and sunnah of Jummah (Friday).  The fantastic art style really captures children’s attention in an almost cartoonish style. Due to their detailed nature, children can point to the illustrations, identify them and understand their purpose. The simplified language of the book makes it easy to understood for young ones.

What I particularly like about this Islamic book is the concept of explaining an important day in such a simplified way. Even if children don’t know what Jummah is or what we do when we get ready to go to the masjid on Jummah, this book can show them. It tells us that we wear our best clothes, take a shower, pray at the mosque and read Qur’an.

Now I don’t know about your kids, but my son loves Jummah. My dad takes my son out on Fridays when he hasn’t got school (my son, not my dad!) and will take him to pray Jummah. My son always comes back and tells me what the Khutbah was about and what lessons he learned when he was there. He absolutely loves it (and not just because my dad takes him out to eat afterwards! ). As Muslim parents we have to teach our children about life and their place in the world as Muslims. So, we need to teach them about the sunnah also. They need to know things about Islam so it can not only help them to build a stronger connection with Allah, but also help them keep on the right path.

“It’s Jummah” is a fabulous way to show young children how important praying is, how important reading Qur’an is and why we do it. I love this book as it teaches us and shows us so much in just a few words. My children loved it too as they thought it was fun to look at the pictures and of course, learn about Jummah.

You can purchase the ‘It’s Jummah board book here.

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