Alhamdulillah notebook and hematite bracelet review

Alhamdulillah notebook

I love notebooks,  I really do.  I get excited whenever I come across a new one.  So when I saw received this beautiful debossed ‘alhamdulillah’ notebook by Safar London I loved it straight away.

The faux leather soft cover feels amazingly smooth to the touch.  The A5 size is perfect for writing in – not too big nor too small. One feature that I absolutely adore about the alhamdulillah notebook is the pen holder on the spine. It’s a feature I haven’t seen on any other notebook. There are 100 good quality lined pages that can be kept intact using the elasticated corner. A black ribbon bookmark completes the ‘alhamdulillah’ notebook.


I use my notebook as an ayat journal.  Every day I select an ayah and use it as a source of inspiration,  reflection and guidance. Whatever you decide to use yours for,  I can assure you you will not regret buying it.  This notebook is elegant,  stylish and unique.


Hematite tasbih bracelet

This hematite bracelet also by Safar London doubles up as a wearable tasbih. The 33 beads are perfect for dhikr. Hematite bracelets are thought to be effective in healing pain.  Nerve calls have their charge maintained by the hematite due to its properties.  Due to its iron content it is used to relieve anaemia and headaches.  It also regulates the blood flow in the body. The hematite crystal helps ground and calm you. Because of the grounding properties of the hematite,  it helps top keep you close to Earth’s natural frequency.


What I love about this bracelet is the weight of it. The beads are weighted and smooth. I also love the gun metal grey colour of the bracelet. The first time I put it on I was soothed by its coolness. It really did have a calming effect on me which makes it a brilliant aid for those people who suffer from stress or other mental health issues.


I am totally loving Safar London’s products,  if you would like to purchase them for yourself (and why would you not!), you can do so here.

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