Allah Made Everything: children’s book review

Teaching children about Islam is every Muslim parent’s job. We want our children to build a connection with Allah. I don’t know if you remember your childhood and they way you were taught about Islam but I do. It was so boring! Everything was very rigid – this made Islam seem dull and it’s not! Alhamdulillah today our children have a diverse range of books that teach them about Allah; Who He is and What He created. Nasheed artist turned author Zain Bhikha has turned the lyrics of his nasheed: Allah Made Everything in to a book. A sing-along book: such fun!


Allah Made Everything: nasheed turned  book

Allah Made Everything  teaches children about Allah through an original song form. The fact that this book was first a nasheed, gives it a unique edge. It means it is already loved by children before parents buy it, and what’s not to love! From rich illustrations both vivid and beautiful in their entirety to catchy lyrics which children can use to sing along to the nasheed – you can be sure your child will thoroughly enjoy this book. In fact, all that is missing is the microphone when singing!


Useful teaching aid

Because the illustrations are so detailed parents can use Allah Made Everything as a teaching point for their children. Whether it’s talking about the food chain for science whilst looking at the illustrations of the lion, or the ecosystem for geography whilst revelling at the ocean pages – your child can learn about so many subjects using just this book alone. Older children can discuss the use of language used in sentences such as “so why do we stand tall too proud to recognise what’s right before our eyes signs from our lord.” Parents can explain to children why pride is linked to standing tall and being haughty.


Helping children to explore Islam

Learning whilst singing doesn’t feel like learning as much as it does fun, making it perfect for little ones with plenty of energy to burn. It’s amazing how much they can take from just one book! I love the way the book engages children to explore more about their religion. It’s not just about Allah swt and Who He is, but also what He created.


Helping children learn about patterns

My little ones love hearing me reading Allah Made Everything at bedtime and I like to make up further stories using the characters in the book. Ya’ll know how it is with toddlers they want one story then another and another! Each time the chorus of the song arises the same illustrations are used and I’ve noticed that this has helped my little ones to understand the world of repetition and patterns.


Grab your copy now!

Allah Made Everything is a fabulous book that delivers a special message. It tells us that Allah made the world for us and that we should therefore care for it and look after it too. You can purchase your very own copy through Anafiya gifts.

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