Islamic toy box: My 1st Kaaba by Mini Muslims (grab yours today!)

The first Islamic toy box of is kind!

‘My 1st Kaaba’ is the first Islamic toy box I have ever seen. Made by the Mini Muslims team, it’s a fabulous concept and there are many ways you can utilize it.  Made from fibrewood inside which is very light, it can be used to store prayer mats or toys in it. The outer material is wipe friendly fabric, great for grubby, chubby fingers and oh yeah –  the kids’ hands too!

I have to admit due to my excitement when the Islamic toy box first arrived,  I had forgotten there was a lid. I turned the lid upside down and thought it lined the box! My friend helpfully pointed out it went on top. I promise you it’s really easy to “assemble”. I use the speech marks because all you have to is push it open and line the bottom with the extra piece.

It’s very well made, good quality and the shade of gold on it is beautiful.  There aren’t that many versatile Islamic toys, but this is one of them. I used it to show my younger kids which way kiblah is when we pray – something they are starting to get excited about. We have it as a little decoration piece in our living room and it’s got my prayer mats in it. The older ones like to hide each others’ phones in it!

My toddler likes to use it to transport her bricks and toys around – even with toys in it it’s light enough for her to carry.  My youngest,  the baby, likes to sit in it and have us close the lid and then pretend he is a jack-in-the-box. As I told you it’s very versatile, your kids will probably surprise you with the ways they play with it.

Once assembled, the Islamic toy box is easy to fold down again, a likeable feature. The box is medium sized, big enough to fit in quite a lot of toys alhamdulillah. It’s actually quite sturdy although it looks delicate. I love how quirky it is due to it’s novelty.


Ramadan resource

A great use for this box could be to store your Ramadan things in it. You could add in items such as books, workbooks, make your own Eid card kits, prayer mats, games, recipes, prayer charts, and other Ramadan themed items . You take these items out at the start of Ramadan. It’s fun for the kids as it gives them something to look forward to.


Buy via the homepage link

The Islamic toy box – my 1st Kaaba is available to buy though the Single Muslim Mums affiliate link on the home page. Yep that’s right,  I love the Mini Muslims’ values so much that I signed up to be an affiliate! This toy box would definitely make the perfect addition to any Islamic household. Go grab yours now ?!

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