Arabic flashcards (review)- why every homeschooling mum needs them!

Arabic flashcards are an amazing resource when you are trying to teach your children Arabic. There’s not a lot of choice out there which is why I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful Arabic flashcards by Smart Ark Toys . As I explore spirituality and personal development I would like my children to grow with me, especially from a young age.  One thing I regret not doing with my older kids is starting them on Arabic and the Qur’an earlier. It’s not easy when you are a single mum struggling but alhamdulillah I have another chance to put it into practice! Arabic is the language of the Qur’an. So, I was thrilled to find animals mentioned in the Qur’an on these Arabic flashcards.


Arabic flashcards – animals in the Qur’an

There are 50 Arabic flashcards – which means 25 individual animal cards. There are 2 of each animal, needed to play the games suggested on the back of the cards. What’s great about these cards are that they are faceless so they cater for everyone. The cards are laminated with a plastic coating that also enables them to be wiped clean. Perfect for sticky fingers and kids with felt tips!


Another excellent feature of these cards is they are suitable for children of all ages and adults too! Older children can use the cards to help with Arabic language as a study aid. Ask your child to pick a card and find where it’s mentioned in the Qur’an using the surah reference on the card. Then ask them to read the verse and tafsir and ask them what the theme of the ayah is about. This is great for children from 13 upwards as they study themes in fiction in English at school. Tweens and slightly younger children can just read the ayah from the Qur’an in sha Allah and you can point them in the direction of stories involving theses animals. Adults can use the cards to test their knowledge of Arabic animals and memorize them.


Arabic flashcards – Arabic words

The 45 Arabic flashcards are color coordinated. Each of the 5 categories can be identified by color making it easier to sort out and band together. The cards have the word in English with the Arabic written and also transliteration. Once again, they are perfect for learning Arabic vocabulary and can also be used to teach young children their first words. The pictures are bright, fun and easy to identify.


For a full depth review watch the video below where I explore the Arabic flashcards by Smart Ark Toys and ways to play with them with young children.


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