How Islamic planners help you stay organised – video review

Islamic planners are all the rage now. With 2019 just starting everyone is still on track with their new year’s resolution. That includes me. This is the year I tell myself, that I will be more focused and organised and more productive with reading the Qur’an and my salaat. Of course, I have a habit of getting carried away and that’s why it’s so important that I actually put measures in place to make this happen or else I’ll fall flat on my face!

Bring on the Islamic planners ya’ll! Finally a planner for Muslims – something to keep us grounded to our faith whilst also helping us plan our day! This planner has it all: from ibaadat tracker to ayat journal to life goal tracker. It’s also got tips and advice, ayat from the Qur’an and even Islamic holidays marked!

Watch the video below where I walk you through all the features this beautiful Muslimah Day Planner has by Salaam Paperie. I also explain how to use it.


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