Finding true happiness and contentment the Islamic way

Finding true happiness is something we all want for ourselves. There are so many paths to happiness. However, true happiness lies in your connection with Allah swt. It’s important to note that everything takes time and starts with a change in your mindset. Patience with yourself and situation is vital.

Statistics related to true happiness

  • 50% of people believes that true happiness is genetic
  • 10% of people believes true happiness is circumstantial – that the situation occurring at this present moment determines happiness or lack of happiness and cannot be changed.
  • 40% of people believe that true happiness is intentional; that whatever you decide to do will determine happiness and therefore it is within your control. It was this 40% that was looked at in more detail.

As Muslims, we should strive and struggle for the pleasure of Allah swt and that should be our attitude.  Everything we do should attach us to Allah swt and we should attach to Allah swt; things do not occur for no reason, sometimes we know why things happen and sometimes we don’t.


Steps to attain true happiness 

  • Contentment: when we understand that whatever occurs within our life was already decreed and that our goal should be striving for the sake and pleasure of Allah swt then we will be content with the outcome be it good or bad.  Sometimes it’s not important to understand why it happened, it’s just important to accept it did happen.
  • Be grateful with the Qadr of Allah swt: there is a reason why life and death was created as a test, to better ourselves and purify ourselves.  Surah al-Mulk was quoted here: [Allah] “who created death and life that He may try you – which of you is best in deeds” (verse 2).  It’s not the amount of good deeds we do but the weight of those good deeds; quality versus quantity.  Being grateful does not mean being happy, it means being content with whatever is decreed.
  • Satisfy your soul/heart: RasulAllah (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam), after praying Tahajjud used to sleep for a small portion of time (15-20 minutes).  After praying salatul Fajr he (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam) would sit in the masjid and perform a personal remembrance of Allah.  Then he would give naseeha (advice) to people which consequently satisfy their hearts and souls.  It is important to start your day on the right track.
  • Choose wise companions/ good friends: a hadith states that a human is always on the path of his frienda corrupt friend will inevitably corrupt his friend.  when choosing a friend you should:
  1. choose a friend that is higher than you in some regard e.g piety, so that you are encouraged to strive harder, rather than choosing a friend that drags you down.
  2. Look at how they treat their family.  If they are bad to their family then they are not good friends.  If, they are good to their family –  the people who they live with and probably get on their nerves more than anyone else, and they can still control their temper, then there is a good chance they will be able to control their temper with everyone else.
  • Prioritise your life: what you think about first thing in the morning is usually what your heart is most attached to; this, of course, should be Allah.  How many celebrities can you name off the top of your head? Now see how many of the sahabiyat you can name.  What you think about most is what is illustrated through your actions; therefore, if you spend most of your time in the remembrance of Allah swt you will only do good deeds.
  • Choose a righteous husband: a spouse defines happiness; it is important to look carefully when finding one and make sure he fulfils several criteria including talking and comforting you.  RasulAllah (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam), sometimes used to just sit with A’isha ra and just ‘chill’; they would sit in the masjid and just talk about stuff like life and the masjid etc.  How to find a good husband:
  1. Look for a brother who is good to his family
  2. Search for a brother who is responsible on all levels. One who can physically and financially give you what you need not want.
  3. Look for a husband that can handle your tenderness and deal with the emotions of a woman with wisdom rather than with emotion.  A’sha ra could be hot headed at times as she was young. Sometimes she would come up to rasulAllah (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam) and say she didn’t like one of his wives for no reason.  He, (sallilahu alayhi wa sallam) would simply stay quiet and leave the room and A’isha would be left to contemplate her actions.
  • Make the Qur’an Kareem a part of your life: When was the last time you read the Qur’an Kareem for the sake of loving it?  Even reciting a few lines when you are travelling or walking helps you to remember Allah and strengthens your eeman.  There is no excuse for not reading the Qur’an Kareem when it can be found everywhere.


True happiness lies in good deeds


How do you feel after you have done something for the sake of Allah? How do you feel when you have committed a sin?  By keeping your heart attached to contentment and the Qur’an Kareem, you can attain happiness too insha’Allah.


Taken from the talk of Ustadh Musleh Khan, at the ‘Being me’ conference 2012

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